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Web Application
Penetration Testing

According to NTT Application Security, 50% of all websites were vulnerable to at least one serious exploitable vulnerability throughout 2021. More than 11% of vulnerabilities had a critical score. 31% of companies detected attempts to exploit software vulnerabilities. High-risk vulnerabilities are present on the network perimeters of 84% of companies. 


AI Web Security helps you detect possible vulnerabilities of your web applications and prevent unauthorized access to your business-sensitive data.

What is Web Application Penetration Testing?

Web application penetration testing is a controlled process that simulates a real-world hacker's attack. It aims to detect the company’s security flaws and evaluate the potential risk of compromising web applications or systems to get unauthorized access to corporate resources or data of other users. Our team of security experts attempts to bypass security controls by taking advantage of the vulnerabilities while using automated scanners and manual techniques.

Why Do You Need Testing?

With popularity of web applications today, the questions of web application security and risks of exposing sensitive data or critical business functions come to the forefront. Hackers try to obtain access to web applications 24/7 while firewalls and other network security controls are not always perfect from protecting against all attack specific to web applications. Regular pen-testing activities may protect your business, as well as your clients, partners, and other third party companies working with you. With regular web application pentests your company receives:

  • A better understanding of the security risks that can occur in case of a malicious attack.

  • A report with the prioritized issues and discovered breaches in security to make the improvements in the overall security of your web applications.

  • Better protection of your business, data and IT systems, and most importantly, your reputation.

What are the steps of a Web Application Penetration Testing?

There are generally 4 steps that web application penetration testing consists of:

  • gathering of information

  • research and exploitation

  • reporting

  • remediation

Why AI Web Security?

In line with the international security standards, we will test your website for the most actual vulnerabilities and exploits. Every web application is unique, and each requires an individual approach. This uniqueness is what we take seriously while performing web app penetration testing. We use to-notch vulnerability scanning tools and manual testing techniques that help us check the application security level. The examples of  vulnerabilities we detect are:

SQL and command injections

Flaws in client-side technology

Access control issues

Privilege elevation

Authentication defects

Session management defects

SSL and transport layer weaknesses

Information disclosure

Web servers misconfiguration

Application logic defects


​We will evaluate your technical assets, test effectiveness of your system security implementation, detect possible breaches, and simulate malicious attacks. All attacks will be performed from a hacker's perspective. The results that will contain a list of vulnerabilities, their classification and threat level will be thoroughly filed and reported to you together with the suggestions for fixing.

​For getting a quote about Web Application Penetration Testing of your web resource please contact us via a form below.

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