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According to NTT Application Security, 50% of all websites were vulnerable to at least one serious exploitable vulnerability throughout 2021. More than 11% of vulnerabilities had a critical score. 31% of companies detected attempts to exploit software vulnerabilities. High-risk vulnerabilities are present on the network perimeters of 84% of companies. 


AI Web Security helps you detect possible vulnerabilities of your web applications and prevent unauthorized access to your business sensitive data.


In line with the international standards of OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks, we will test your website for the most actual vulnerabilities and exploits.

With a number of powerful specialized application and basing on our extensive experience in the industry, we will detect the vulnerabilities and evaluate the risks they bring.

The report usually includes examples of requests or operations that may expose your sensitive data or make them accessible to intruders.


To check that your external infrastructure is stable to malicious attacks, AI Web Security will test the internet-facing network of your company. The obtained information will help define the ways your business can oppose cyber-attacks and malicious intents to steal data.

An easy-to-read report that contains results of an independent examination of your business infrastructure, software, systems and network configurations is provided as a result of the external infrastructure testing.

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